Top 8 Underrated Advices To Level Up Your Photography Game

Article By – Chinar Tekchandani and Apurv Jadhav

A pro-photographer was a beginner once. Being a beginner in photography can be really exciting as well as exhausting. To move ahead in this field, you need to ask the right questions. “Which gear should I invest in?’’, “The gear that you have looks fancy and gives great results, should I buy it too?’’ – These are some of the questions which people usually start with, and while they’re all valid questions, they’re probably not apt for beginners.

Experts invest in expensive cameras and gear, but beginners need to start with moulding their skills and that comes from asking questions that will help you upgrade your talent. Even basic cameras can click great pictures if used skillfully. You must be wondering what basics you should move ahead with. Well, we have the answer for you.

Here is a list of 8 underrated advices that every beginner should understand and follow to level their photography skills up!

  1. Analyze The Situation – Before clicking a picture, think about the angle and the situation. Is the lighting adequate? Is your subject too far or too close? Is it a situation where you need to be quick? If yes, be prepared accordingly. Analyze your surroundings and position to get the best view of your field.
Image Credit : Apurv Jadhav

  1. Experimentation Is The Key – There might be more than one best angle to click a picture and you will never know that if you don’t experiment. Always experiment with your angles and lightings and camera settings and see what looks the best and gives you a good feeling about your picture. Are you able to convey what you want at certain angles? If not, just change ‘em.
Image credit : Apurv Jadhav

  1. Just Enhance – Editing softwares are a boon to us photographers, however it’s always better to not go over-board with them. Over editing may ruin the original essence of a picture.
Image credit : Apurv Jadhav

  1. Observe – Observing other photographers’ work will always help you understand photography better, pick your genre and favorite artists and go through their work. It will not only give you ideas, but also different thinking angles.
Image from Journeys Photo Library

  1. Keep Learning – When you’re a beginner, sometimes watching videos and reading photography blogs will help you brush your skills. This is an ever evolving art and keeping up with the latest trends never hurts.
Image from Journeys Photo Library

  1. Take Criticism Positively – Try and get your work reviewed. Ask your fellow photographer friends about their opinions. Ask them questions about what they’d do differently and try to incorporate their opinions in your work to see if you’re able to fare better.
Image from Journeys Photo Library

  1. Explore And Select – It’s always nice to dive into multiple genres, however find what you like the most and make that genre your forte.
Image from Journeys Photo Library

  1. Know about your subject – What most people miss out on is- Studying the subject, and the environment. Understand the nature of your subject before clicking a photo. Be it a portrait, or an animal, or a landscape, it’s important to be prepared. With preparedness will come accuracy. And with accuracy will come a beautiful photograph.
Image credit : Apurv Jadhav

You will be able to invest in fancy gear and understand cameras anytime however developing a skill in the right direction happens only in the beginning. We hope these tips will help you nourish your skills!

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