JPC Certificates and Awards

JPC Certificates and Awards

> JPC Certificates and Awards


APRIL, 2021

The JPC Committee proposes a “Monthly Awards” to recognize exceptional service of Participants. Here is an outline of what is intended:

  1. To reward JPC members the committee will review their submission on our Facebook Group
  1. The images will be critiqued and considered for monthly awards
  2. Each month will have its winners.
  3. Each winner shall be awarded a certificate and merchandise.
  4. Only the monthly winners are eligible for Annual Awards.
  5. The Annual Awards are worth a total of 1 lakh cash prizes and merchandise.
  6. JPC Directors, are not eligible because they are not able to Propose or Endorse, and may be participants in approval of Honors.
  7. No forms are required, except for the Report to the JPC Headquarters listing the Name, other relevant details.
  8. There is no limit to the number of images the participants upload on the group.

10.  The shipping cost of the awards will be borne by JPC.