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Sushil Chikane

(Founder & Director)

Sushil is an avid traveler and a photo artist based out of Pune. He has traversed across India extensively and there’s nothing he loves doing more. His passion for what he does translates into every one of his travels, ensuring every client experience and makes the most out of their travel with him.

With a cumulative experience of 15 years in the field in association with an array of organisations, he has had the privilege to observe some very fascinating and rare creatures that inhabit the wildernesses. In these years, he has also managed to master the subject of biodiversity. Additionally, his unique ability to compose images of wildlife in an artistic manner, gives them a unique feel and can be interpreted in a myriad way.

Sushil’s pictures have been published in some leading magazines like Heritage India, Saevus and Sanctuary Asia and in books such as the Reptiles and Amphibians of Maharashtra and Reptiles of India. Sushil is capable of telling stories just via photographs. He loves India deeply and is very fond of capturing stories from everywhere across this country.

Prithviraj Banerjee

(Strategy and Image Critique Consultant)

Prithvi comes from an IT background and is a very passionate traveller. His passion extends to food, culture and heritage. He has demonstrable abilities to groom young people and enhance their personal skills. Prithvi has been a guest faculty in various Management and Engineering colleges. He loves capturing landscapes around the world and has travelled across India and to various countries abroad doing what he loves the most. His images have been published in various magazines and are also seen on the page of Nikon India. Prithvi loves sharing his travel experiences and gaining new ones during his journeys.

Apurv Jadhav


Apurv, at a fairly young age, started off his journey in wildlife by observing spiders and other insects. He now explores nature photography along with practicing various genres of photography. Always fascinated by the detailed perfections of nature, he is passionate towards documenting the subjects and nature artistically. His photographs have been featured on some very well-known platforms like National Geographic, Nature InFocus, Sanctuary Asia. He was also a winner of Macro Photography category in Srushti Photography Contest and Exhibition. In addition to this, his photos are also published in The Field Guide to Spider Genera of India, first of its kind.

Devdatta Lohokare

(Director, Rentals)

Devdatta is an aspiring nature & wildlife photographer & cinematographer based out of Pune. He has traveled in India and Africa for the past 7-8 years. He is passionate about all the aspects of travelling and nature, with 8 Years of photography experience in Indian and African terrane he is upcoming in nature and wildlife photography industry. Having a bachelors in photography and cinematography from well-known international Universities has helped him gaining an unique angle – perspective and story-lining which is reflected in his work.

Deeptanshu Pandey

(Photo Walks and Strategy Manager)

Irrespective of the subject, photographer Deeptanshu Pandey brings a unique and devoted eye to his projects. He graduated with a BA in Photography and specialised in the field of Nature and Wildlife. He hadn’t planned on becoming a photographer. He knew he had the skills and passion for it, but hadn’t thought about it as a career option. However, when his parents gifted him a Sony Cybershot camera in the year 2005, his life changed. Since then, his love for photography has been growing intensely.

He used to click photos of different species of plants and medicinal flowers in his father’s lab, which led to an increased interest towards Nature and Wildlife Photography. He started travelling to different cities and wildlife sanctuaries. He also likes to capture small yet precious stories on the streets of India. His primary genre focus currently is on beauty and raw emotions seen during weddings and on streets of the country.

Shrey Goel

(Marketing Consultant)

Shrey is a businessman who works in the tourism, eco-tourism, wildlife tourism and hospitality sector. His core strengths are marketing and business development. He has an MBA in Marketing and Finance from GGSB Grenoble, IILM Delhi.

Goel was raised in a small city called Satna and did his schooling from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi. Coming from a business family, he was always aspired to build something grand. He started an eco-lodge in the year 2015 in Panna with three rooms. Today, he holds an inventory of more than 60 rooms in 3 different locations!

Shrey is very ambitious and plans to build an inventory of 200 rooms in the eco-tourism sector in 10 different locations within a span of 3 years only.


Ajay & Vijay Bedi

(Nature and Wildlife Photographers and Filmmakers)

Ajay & Vijay Bedi are wildlife filmmakers & photographers for almost 2 decades. They have won four National Awards in 2019 & 2021. These were awarded to them by the President of India for first natural history film devoted to amphibians of India and endangered Adjutant Stork. They are the youngest Asians to have won the Green Oscar for their film. They are also the only Indians to have won a nomination at the television’s highest awards at Emmy® Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for their natural history film, ‘Cherub of the Mist’ on the highly endangered red panda. Ajay & Vijay Bedi recently used their footage to contribute to a scientific paper in collaboration with the scientists and this helped them push their mission forward for the little creatures that are often overlooked in conservation policies. Based in New Delhi, they are keen on visual storytelling that celebrates the lesser-known species of India.

Aditya Singh

(Wildlife Photographer and Big Cat Specialist)

With a background in sciences and a Bachelors degree in Engineering, Aditya went forward by joining the Indian Civil Service and worked there till he finally decided that his true interests resided in working with the wildlife. He has lived in Ranthambhore since early 1998, working on various wildlife documentaries, photography and conservation projects.

He took to serious photography around the year 2000 and has one of the best, if not the largest, collection of pictures from Ranthambhore. As a photographer he probably knows Ranthambhore better than any other person. He is a regular visitor to quite a few wilderness areas in the Indian subcontinent and other parts of the world.

Over the years, he has worked as a Field Assistant/ Line Producer for over a dozen wildlife documentaries for BBC Wildlife Division, National Geographic Film and Television, NHK Japan, Tokyo Broadcasting Service, Irish Television and many independent productions. He has also assisted some of the best names in wildlife still photography in the world.

He is the recipient of the prestigious Carl Zeiss Award for Conservation (2012) and Sanctuary Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2011). He was also highly honoured in Nature’s Best Windland Smith River annual photography competition 2016.

Francis J Taylor

(Wildlife Photographer)

Francis J Taylor is a multiple award-winning professional photographer, specializing in landscape and wildlife photography. His awards include British Wildlife Photography Award for ‘Wild Woods’ category (2017), Landscape Photographer of the Year for ‘Lines in Landscape’ category (2016), International Garden Photographer of the Year for Breathing Spaces (2017) amongst many others. His photography has been sold and exhibited worldwide and published in books, advertisements and magazines, including multiple cover issues. Alongside his personal work, Francis offers national and international tours and bespoke photography workshops.

In 2019, he moved to India to expand his international portfolio and range of wildlife tours. He cares deeply about conservation and ecology and believes that photographers have a major role to play in conserving the environment.

Sonali Devnani

(Portrait Photographer)

Sonali was raised in Mumbai, India. She was curious about places and people and had an inclination to travel. Photography was only a hobby for her to begin with, however moving to Hong Kong around 18 years ago changed her life. She realised the power of photography and it inspired her to make changes. A journey that began by chance provoked emotions unknown to her for many years. Focusing through the lens and immersing in cultures, learning from them, and eventually bringing about change and giving back to the society are the main elements of her career. The process of making images didn’t only make her a story-teller but gave her an opportunity to tell the story of reality and existence.

Having graduated with a Masters in Journalism from the university of Hong Kong and then making documentaries on social issues in India has brought her closer to her home country. She has proved that photography can indeed change the lives of people.

Amitabh Mukherjee

(Festival and Portrait Photographer)

Amitabh started his journey in the field of photography in the year 1970 with a borrowed TLR camera Ensign from a neighbour. Later on, he got a camera Isoly I from his cousin. And finally, during his college days, his mother Late Gouri Mukherjee, sold her bangle and bought him a Yashica 635.

At that time his grandfather, Mr. Mritunjoy Banerjea, who still is alive and lives in Surrey, UK gave him two books on photography, from where he learned the basic technique of composition, darkroom secrets, sepia toning and colouring of B&W photos with Fuji watercolour. There was a studio, in their village – Studio Portrait, wherefrom he found out and learnt about the enlargement, negative retouch with Fuji color, and the technique of dodge and burn.

He eventually entered digital photography with Nikon D5200 and took an admission in the Photoshop Class of Guru Tapas Basu, and learned Photoshop in two years. He completed a 6 months course on artificial light from the Institute of Photo Art.

He claims to have a bad tendency to buy books on photography and try to learn some new things.

He started to participate in photography saloons and received the FIAP Blue Ribbon, Silver Medal, President’s choice, etc. He has been honoured and won prizes from many Facebook groups. He was convener of Photography in the Calcutta Journalists club for three consecutive years, 2017, 2018, 2019.

In addition to that, he was an admin for many famous groups on Facebook. Presently, he is a part of two groups i.e. The World Through Lenses and Photography A Passion. He loves to share his knowledge with juniors. And till date, he harbours an urge to learn the many unknown areas of photography from learned photographers, as per available opportunity.

Pulak Nath

(Landscape and Portrait Photographer)

By profession, Pulak Nath is an Art Director associated with the Mumbai Film Industry since 1999.  A Fine Arts Graduate from Assam University, he hails from Silchar, Assam and has always had a keen eye for art and photography from his early boyhood days. He would always go to the studio owned by his uncle and spend most of his time in the dark room all by himself during the early film photography days. He has done publicity photography for the film MAKDEE in 2002 directed by Vishal Bharadwaj.

After a long and hard day of his routine work, he loves to spend time with his camera, clicking pictures, feeling like he is in his element.  He owns a company called Annu Creations which deals with art direction, architecture, photography, music-videos etc. Pulak has experienced every branch of photography, but he seems to cherish and feel at home in the Landscape, Travel and People genre. He has been bestowed with over 100 National & International photographic awards including FIAP Gold, PSA Gold, FIP Gold, etc. and also has the reputed distinctions of AFIAP, AFIP & EFIP.

Vishal Jadhav

(Wildlife Photographer and Filmmaker)

Vishal is successful filmmaker, storyteller and cinematographer who has worked on full length documentaries and short films. Along with these, he has also made films to promote brands like Panasonic cameras. He has 9 broadcast credits to his name and has conducted various photography workshops.

Vishal has a Master’s degree in management Sciences- Finance and a Master’s in Commerce, however his true calling is his love for the art of photography. He has won numerous awards like the Best Cinematography at the Wolves International Film Festival (2016), Best Short film about Nature at the Sochi Film Festival (2017), Award of Excellence at the Indie Fest Film Festival (2017), etc. He is passionate about wildlife photography and photography in other non-fictional areas.

He judges many photography events. His work has been published in many journals. Apart from that, Vishal is also very fond of travelling.

Shashank Pathak

(Underwater Photographer)

What started as a volunteering activity for beach clean ups ended up getting Shashank close to his true calling, which was a passion for life underwater. A PADI certified diver, Shashank has also worked with the Ministry of Fisheries in Bahrain to document the development of marine life on a reef made of discarded motor tires. A chance encounter in Goa introduced him to the fascinating world of Underwater photography and since then, there was no looking back for Shashank. A person who unabashedly prefers the underwater world to the one above it, Shashank has seen the most untouched and unadulterated places through his dives. He loves visiting new places but prefers to do his sightseeing underwater! His love for diving has taken him across India, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Maldives and Indonesia.

This long-distance cyclist, amateur wildlife photographer and self-confessed bookworm wishes to dive till his very last breath (and that of his oxygen tank too!). Shashank longs to throw light on the plight of the oceans through his amazing underwater captures. There couldn’t have been a more passionate person to fit the role of Underwater Journeys Head.

Avirat Shete

(Nature and Travel Photographer)

Avirat V Shete is a teacher, nature and travel photographer, poet and motivational storyteller. He believes in capturing hidden rustic beauties of the many places he visits, rather than merely focusing on typical touristy subjects. Avirat loves to share the visuals of his offbeat travels through moving images, accompanied by unique stories and poems. He strongly believes in the adage, “Be a traveler, not a tourist”. This approach has got him in touch with the lesser known side of local life and he has been successful in documenting their lives through photo stories. In the last 15 years, Avirat has visited dozens of National Parks across more than 20 states and UTs in India, has successfully led groups of debutants to Masai Mara and Everest Base Camp and has also skydived from 14,000 feet at Woolongong Beach, Sydney.

Rahul Sachdev

(Wildlife Photographer)

Rahul Sachdev has been actively involved in wildlife photography since 2004 and has over the years built a strong portfolio which is recognised for its unique use of light and creativity. He has been conducting wildlife photography tours and workshops around the globe for over 12 years now, with the focus being on teaching how to use light in wildlife photography.

Rahul believes that a photographer has to bring forth the artist within and use wildlife photography as a medium to present one’s own vision of the world. His images and articles about photography have been published in many magazines and he has also won the Nature’s Best Photography Award in 2017 for Wildlife which is one of the most prestigious awards in the category.

He has received honorary mentions in multiple Sanctuary Asia Awards. His images have been commended in Bird POTY 2019 and Malta International Photo Awards 2020. Along with all this, he is also an article contributor for Smithsonian Photo mag, Sanctuary Asia, Visual Wilderness, DigitalPhotographySchool and WildlifePhotographicMag.


Priyansh Tiwari


Priyansh is a well-trained photographer with wider perspectives and angles that give bounce to his photographs and magnifies the skill of capturing tiny details with clarity. He carries a unique passion of looking through the lenses. He also focuses a lot on street faces that help him capture their emotions and dreams with crystal clear vision. His urge of capturing environment also attracts the aura of wildlife, that boosts the normal viewer’s perspective and offers a new and intense observation. Being an enhanced photographer, he shares the knowledge of his art with kids by mentoring them and that speaks a lot about making an effort and being responsible. People should definitely invest their time in going through the captured life of humans and creatures by him.

Isha Bal


Isha is a wildlife photographer from Mumbai. She is currently studying to become a professional photographer and pursue it as her career. Since a very young age, wildlife, travelling, meeting new people and documenting their stories amused her. She was gifted her first DSLR at the age of 17, and then there was no going back for her. She has been photographing the wild for over a year now with the only aim of telling stories through her work. Her objective behind pursuing photography is to show everyone the true beauty of nature and the wild. She wants to help young kids understand and learn the importance of wildlife and how to conserve it. She wants everyone to experience the same joy, peace and magic that the jungles make her feel. Her biggest aim in life is to work towards spreading awareness and bringing a change through her photography.

Mukul Mukherjee

(Bokaro Steel City)

Mukul joined us as a Senior Nature and Wildlife Photographer. He has been honoured with the EFIP from Federation of Indian Photography. He is an MBA graduate from Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom and is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer trying to give a different dimension to life. Mukul loves to be in Nature’s bounty and he has been into the wilderness for quite some time now. He has visited many National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India and Abroad. He loves to study animal behaviour and is a keen observer. He is passionate about capturing them live and giving them a heartbeat. His main interest lies in the Himalayas and he is the author of Exploring “The Himalayas”, The Land of High Passes Ladakh. Currently, he is working tremendously on Himalayan Wildlife. He has won several prestigious awards in Nature & Wildlife genre at National & International levels. His work has been published in reputed magazines and also displayed in various exhibitions. He is also a resource person of WWF Assam and delivers Nature & Wildlife Photography Workshops.

Aniket Mishra


Aniket is a photographer/cinematographer currently based in central India in Nagpur. Apart from showing his vision to world through his camera, Aniket is right now pursuing his BA in Photography and studying the technical aspects of this beautiful art form. With an experience of more than 5 years in this field, Aniket has explored and mastered almost every genre of photography. With product and commercial photography as his main style, Aniket has been working with brands like Ford, Realme India and many more industry leading brands and creating photos and videos for them. Aniket has also been working on some award-winning short films and documentaries lately and has a unique and a fluent style of films that conveys a different style of stories.

Murtaza Chass


A specialist in Travel Photography, Murtaza, in an ideal world is forever on the road, looking gor new adventures and scapes to capture. Not one to be content with accolades, Murtaza is a PADI certified Open Water Diver and a Beginner Skydiver too. His longing to travel to unexplored places has taken him to many unconventional locales that go unnoticed by commercial tourism. Murtaza’s forte lies in landscape photography and he is also proficient in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Raghav Gupta


Raghav’s shots reflect his personality, the candour in them tells us about his openness and honesty. His presence in the field came as naturally as his narrative goes: He went to Dehradun, in 2018, after his Grade 12 to prepare for the National Defence Army but ended up being controlled by the beauty of the city. The explorer in him not just led him to unplanned treks but also to various events happening around the city.

Eco International’s ramp walk event was a major breakthrough for him because it was then that he met others with the same penchant. It was then that Raghav knew that defence wasn’t his true calling, and he skipped it to engross himself into getting equipped with the skills required to develop his new found interest.

Since then he has acquired a certification in Digital Photography and is currently pursuing a Diploma in Photography from FAD international. He has a good hand at softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and Lightroom. Over the years, he has refined his interest in Street, Travel, Fashion and Event photography, and this has given his portfolio a multidimensional character. But his inclination lies in downright candid shots from everyday life, and this has led Raghav’s profile to consist more Street Photography shots than any other.