10 Mistakes That SHOULD Be Avoided By Every Novice Photographer!!

Article by- Chinar Tekchandani & Apurv Jadhav

Mistakes are the building blocks of a successful artist. However, there are errors that can be avoided in the beginning which can help a person proceed towards polished skills more gracefully making the journey less arduous.

There are a few mistakes that are very commonly made by rookie photographers, so we have assembled for you a list of 10 errors that you can avoid and develop your skills as a photographer.

1. Not Understanding And Utilizing The Capabilities Of Your Camera.

Well, it’s really exciting to go out and click a million shots but understanding your camera will make shooting images even more exciting. You’ll be able to click a better shot and convey a better story if you utilize all the functionalities that your camera has to offer. So, before stepping out of the house, study your camera!

2. Not Studying Histogram To Understand Exposure.

A histogram is a graphical representation of the tonal values of your image. Studying that will help you understand the exposure you can create using different settings of your camera. Hence, study to click images with good exposure.

3. Not Taking Photos With Different Angles And Focal Lengths Of The Same Subject.

Sometimes, experimenting with your shots is a great way to understand what will look better. Taking multiple photos of the same subject using different settings, angles and focal lengths will help you decide what looks the best and help you upgrade your skill. 

4. Underestimating The Power Of Accessories.

If you’re a novice, no one will ask you to go overboard with your accessories however, if you have the access to them, we suggest that you utilize them. Understand their purpose and use them accordingly. They will make your task of clicking pictures easier and will help you shoot better images.

5. Not Experimenting With Your Camera Settings Enough.

We discussed earlier how important it is to try different angles and focal lengths to shoot the same subject. In the same way, trying different camera settings is equally important. You could click the same subject during different times of the day also to apply different camera settings. This will help you develop a good perspective and make you more confident with using your camera.

6. Not Observing Other Photographers’ Work.

Understanding other photographers’ work is a key step in improving your own work. Not only these photos can give you great ideas, but these images can be your guides to click the same picture differently. So, what are you waiting for? Find out more about the photographers you like and check their work out!

7. Unable To Understand How To Take Criticism.

Like it’s rightly said, “Don’t let compliments get to your head and criticism get to your heart”, understand that critique can challenge you and only make you better. Try to improvise yourself everyday instead of taking criticism negatively.

8. Not Shooting Enough Photos.

Click. Click. And click some more. The idea is to not stop at a good shot, but to keep shooting to get an even better one. Shoot as many photos as you can. Don’t stop at the one great photo you shot but keep going to shoot better pictures. Practice will only lead you towards beauty.

9. Not Studying The Subject/ Pre-Planning Before Shooting.

It is important to plan your shoot. What do you want the outcome of your photos to be? Is there a concept or an emotion that you’re trying to convey? Are there any particular angles that you’ve thought about? Think about these things and plan your shoot accordingly. Give yourself adequate time to think about your concept.

10. What’s In The Gear?

Everything that you own will come handy at some or the other point of time. Make your camera your best friend along with your gears. Make sure to maintain and service it so they can serve you when the time comes. Remember, everything is the equipment you own.

Now that you know what the common beginner mistakes are, try to avoid them and take your photography to a higher level!

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